(An American Tail) Plot.


In 1885 Shostka, Russia, the Mousekewitzes—a Russian-
Jewish family of mice—decide to immigrate to America
after an army of cruel cats destroys their village,
believing there to be no cats in the New World. During
the trip overseas, the family's youngest child, Fievel
Mousekewitz, gets separated from the others and washes
overboard in a storm. (Let me jump in here, to make a
correction. Fievel is actually their second youngest child,
and I believe, their only son.
Don't know why, but I think the baby is a female.)

The Mouskewitzes arrive sadly in America believing
they've lost their son.

Fievel, however, floats to America in a bottle, and after
a pep talk from a French pigeon named Henri, embarks
on a quest to find his family. He is waylaid by conman
Warren T. Rat, who gains his trust and then sells him to
a sweatshop. Fievel escapes with Tony, a street-smart
Italian mouse, and they join up with Bridget, an Irish
mouse trying to rouse her fellow mice to stand up to
cats. When a gang of cats called the Mott Street
Maulers attacks a mouse marketplace, Fievel realizes
there are indeed cats in America.

Bridget takes Fievel and Tony to see Honest John, a
politician who knows all the voting mice in New York
City. But as the Mousekewitzes have not yet registered
to vote, he can't help Fievel find them. Meanwhile,
Fievel's sister Tanya tells her gloomy parents she has a
feeling that Fievel is still alive.

Led by the rich and powerful Gussie Mausheimer, the
mice hold a rally to decide what to do about the cats.
Warren T. Rat is extorting them all for protection he
never provides. No one has any idea what to do about it,
until Fievel whispers a plan to Gussie.

The mice take over an abandoned building on Chelsea
Pier and begin constructing their plan. On the day of
launch, Fievel gets lost and stumbles upon Warren T.'s
lair. He discovers that the rat is actually a cat in disguise
and the leader of the Maulers. They capture Fievel, but
a goofy, soft-hearted orange cat named Tiger takes a
liking to Fievel and sets him free.

Fievel races back to the pier with the cats in pursuit,
and Gussie orders the mice to release the secret weapon.
A huge mechanical mouse, inspired by the bedtime tales
Papa told to Fievel of the Giant Mouse of Minsk, chases
the cats down the pier and into the water. A tramp
steamer bound for Hong Kong picks up the cats and
carries them away.

During the battle, Fievel is once again separated from
those he loves, and falls into despair. But his friends and
family team up for a final effort to find him, and his
father's violin playing leads Fievel back into the arms of
his family. The journey ends with Henri taking everyone
to see his newly completed project—the Statue of
Liberty, and the Mouskewitzes' new life in America