(Brief Story Summery Fan Written)
Fievel Mousekewitz, my current favorite mouse character,
came to America in a ship with his family.
Like many (True) Immigrants of 1776.
There were many of those, back in 1776.
I was informed this is suppose to have taken place in the
1800s. But most of the flags you see in the first movie still
have too many stars. I believe it was closer to the edge of the
1800s to early 1900s when many more states were added.
Don Bluth and Steven Spielberg used mice characters
to represent one of these families.
Don Bluth and David Kirschner Created;
An American Tail.
Here's where things get a little weird.
David Kirschner also created the first models of
Child's Play movie posterChild's Play Chucky sneering
But lets get back to (Fievel) here.

As the homes of some of these humans burned,
so did the home of the Mousekewitz's.
In a way, the move to America, wasn't totally by choice.
Hey,, they no longer had a home, might as well leave Russia.
Though the Mousekewitz's are suppose to be Jewish,
the Jewish attitude is nowhere to be found,, as you watch
An American Tail.

As Fievel and family head to America, Fievel gets himself
into a bit of trouble, which gets him lost.
Mamma And Poppa Mousekewitz, Believe they've lost their son.
Meanwhile, Fievel ends up in a bottle, which by chance,
gets washed onto the shore of the Statue Of Liberty Land.
Not far from the main piece of Manhattan island.
(Ahh, Steven? Don't you think that's a bit of a stretch?)
A very nice bird looks after Fievel, and even gives the
kid a nice hot bath.
(My Turn Fievel.. So I can Sit Next To You In The Next Scene.)
Anyway... The bird sings to him,, about how you should
never give up.
(Never Say Never.)
Fievel learns pretty quick too, things will come to you,
if you work hard enough to get them.
It doesn't take him long either, to end up with a best friend.

Meanwhile there's only one other Mousekewitz, who believes
Fievel is still alive, his sister Tonya.
Just about to the point of swearing it. Of course this is a kids
movie, so no swearing here.
So as the Mousekewitz's go about their daily routine,
so does their son. Little do they know, their son isn't only alive,
but is constantly very near by.
There's very many times, which all they would have to
do, is call out to each other.
Many places throughout the film they aren't even
five feet from each other, and sometimes even slightly
closer. The problem is though, Poppa is too sure Fievel
their youngest and only Son is gone.
Heck he watched him get swept away by rushing waters
and strong winds. He more or less witnessed the sea swallow
his son... any chance of Fievel still being alive,,
seemed remote at best.
(Author of this still often cries, when he watches Fievel in trouble.)

Fievel meets Tony, in a two bid slave motel, where a mean
rat runs the motel... forcing mice to spook humans as they work.
Fievel comes up with a plan, to tie the blankets together,
as rope, and escapes along with Tony.
On the way there before he escapes, he passes along side
of where his family are currently living.
Throughout the rest of the movie, Fievel is trying to
reunite with his family. (Find them anyway.)
Many times, he passes near them, but never runs into them.
He eventually runs into the gang of cats, along with who he
thought was a rat, Warren T Rat.
Who was the one who sold him to the mean rat, for just
50 cents a day.
And eventually blows his cover, as a cat not a rat.
While in custody with the cat gang, he meets Tiger.
At first meeting of Tiger, Tiger is still defending the other
cats... but that's not where Tiger belongs in his heart,
and after meeting the somewhat witty and courageous
mouse Fievel, he realized his placement in things was wrong.
Fievel just has this way about him, if it's inside you someplace,
he will find it.
Though Tiger is better then 50 times Fieve's size.
They have more in common, then a lot of mice he probably knows.
As best of friends as they quickly become, they might as well
be the same size as each other.
(A Duo) The song. The animators make em appear the same size
in a mirror, it's both sweet and cute.
Later along with the help of Tiger, Fievel's parents reunite
with their boy Fievel.

I give it 100% One of the best (Family) features they'd come
out with in the 80s.
Sure you had the (Care Bears Movie) In 1985.
But nothing else really compared to the cute little mouse.
Steven Spielberg's first animated feature, and one of the best
animated features of it's time.
Only shortly after the first An American Tail, nearly all of the original cast and crew got together, for a second installment.
An American Tail does display some minor violence.
Fievel just avoids a shaving blade. Then survives a violent storm.
Then just barely survives not getting stretched apart by an early days Phonograph.
Before that he's walking along railroad tracks, and falls into
a pile of coal, which had been turned into dust.
Later, He ends up chancing fire, as he's trying to save the other mice..
Then he ends up bumping his head, and if by chance, he hadn't been
washed under the streets,, he too probably would have burned up with
the strange (Closed) Museum.
It's still a lot of fun though,, and Fievel's adventure is fun to watch.
Cant be mild all the time... otherwise,, you'd end up with something
kinda like Gummy Bears.. (EEEEKKKK!)    

((Credit,, where Credit is do.))
The Background you see, was placed together using (Adobe's ImageReady,
from PhotoShop 7.)
The Images came from An American Tail, An American Tail 2,
and An American Tail 3,, The Treasure Of Manhattan Island.
I got Roo from Pooh's Heffalump Movie.
A lot of the Fievel images, came from An American Tail 3
The Treasure of Mahnattan Island.
As a matter a fact,, most of them did.
There's a few here and there from An American Tail 2
Fievel Goes West.
And just a few,, from the original An American Tail.

And of course, thanks Don Bluth, and Steven Spielberg.

All Original Images Are Property Of Universal Studios..
With the exception of Roo,, which is Copyright
Walt Disney Studios/Productions.   

About The Early Phonograph Scene.
Here's an odd thing I'd like to add here.
"Oh my word, a MOUSE!!!"
How many people in this world would quickly stop screaming,
and then wonder about the mouse's intelligence?
Ask yourself, what would you think seeing a mouse with
shirt and pants on?
"Hey there little buddy, are you capable of English Speech?"