(Note... this section will be added to, as I work.
I'll probably eventually include information about...
An American Tail 3,, The Treasure Of Manhattan Island.)

An American Tail...
What a crazy mouse.
This website is dedicated mostly to that crazy,
brave, and courageous mouse Fievel Mousekewitz.
Up till now,, this frame was blank..

Special Thanks...
No Order.
Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
John Pomeroy
Producer: Steven Spielberg
Flint Dille
David Kirschner

Judy Freudberg
Tony Geiss
Philip Glasser
Dom DeLuise
Nehemiah Persoff
Erica Yohn
James Stewart
Cathy Cavadini
Amy Irving
John Cleese
Jon Lovitz

James Horner

Nick Fletcher

Amblin Entertainment &
Universal Pictures.

And many others,, affiliated with (An American Tail.)


Very Special Thanks To;
Avery Lee, the original creator of VirtualDub.
And whom ever recreated VirtualDub to

Special Thanks to the over 25 different people who
all contributed to (Adobe PhotoShop 7 and ImageReady.)
Also many kind tanks to the creators of PhotoShop CS5.
All of the backgrounds of new videos frame pages were all done on CS5.